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Spiritual Coaching Services

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Spiritual Coaching Services

Our spiritual life is just as important as our physical life. Our spirit is what animates our life. We are here by the grace of God who gives us our breath. 

God helps us with the flow of life. Life is a constant taking in and releasing. Our life can flow just like our breathing. When we take in more air, we have more oxygen.

God wants us to have a flow in life. Sometimes, we are up and sometimes we are down. God is in the valleys and God is in the hills and mountains.

We can see God everywhere. God is everywhere. We can change our life when we follow God’s leading more. 

God is the source of life. When we connect with God on a deeper level, we can operate in life on a deeper level. We will have deeper relationships. We’ll engage in endeavors that are more aligned with our values and goals. We’re in touch more with our purpose and calling in life. 

Sometimes, we have dry times in life. In those times, God nudges us to where he wants us to go and he forms us. It can feel like a punishment and we might feel, “why me” in these dry times. But, the dry and dark times are a gift. These are the times that we really call on God. When you are in these times, you may need a little bit more help and assistance. That’s where a spiritual life coach can be of service. The spiritual life coach can help direct you to questions to ask yourself. A spiritual life can companion with you and help direct your path to where God is calling you.

You can live a happy and fulfilling life. Open yourself up to a deeper connection with God, yourself, your soul, and others. A spiritual life coach can assist you in your journey of healing past hurts, discerning God’s path for your life, and experiencing life more fully.

God wants you to grow and expand, not to stay still and contract.  Go.

Go and spread the good news. You and your life are part of the good news.

Spiritual Dating Coaching



Spiritual dating coaching is designed to help you tap into your inner soul and empower you to find someone who shares similar beliefs and is on the same life path. 

Our coaching program is designed to help you discover:

  • What does spiritual love feel like

  • How to find your spiritual partner

  • Your spiritual boundaries so you can learn how to build connections that fit your relationship needs

If you're Catholic and looking for friendship, romance, and marriage, then Love Is on Its Way dating coaching is for you.

We understand how important it is to find a spiritual connection who shares your beliefs. Spiritual dating coaching lifts you up and does not draw you down. You’ll take time for prayer and reflection. You’re aligning yourself with God’s will and your purpose in life.


Single Catholic Women Coaching

Looking for fellow Catholic singles? We know it can be tough at times.  Dating sites are nothing but intimidating. Our coaching for single catholic women has been designed to help you find like-minded singles who we believe have an excellent chance of building a serious relationship together. 

We think you should be able to say more about your faith than just ‘Catholic’

Love Is On Its Way caters specifically to Catholics who value their faith. We understand that you are not simply “Catholic.” 

We’re all about marriage (not hookups)

Unlike other dating coaches that focus as much (or more) on dating more than marriage, our coaching program  is built for Catholics interested in dating and marriage. 

One of our core principles is to educate members to focus on dating with the purpose of marriage and to pursue their vocation.


Find Your Perfect Partner Webinars

Vision Board Workshop

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