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Three Green Flags in Dating

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

A green flag in dating is one signal you can look at to consider moving forward in a dating relationship. Three things that can help Catholic women decide if it is a good idea to move forward in a dating relationship are:

  1. The man you are dating takes his Catholic faith seriously and goes to mass and reconciliation on a regular basis. If you are a Catholic woman who sees her Catholic faith as very important and you have an expectation that you’d like your future husband to join you for mass, then it is wise to observe whether the man you are dating is going to mass because he wants to and that he is truly devoted to his faith. A Catholic man who is truly devoted to his faith will view marriage as sacred and you won’t have to feel that you are “forcing” him to go to mass.

  2. The man you are dating is respectful to the elderly. When a man is respectful to the elderly, he most likely values wisdom gained from experience and he has developed empathy where he thinks of the needs of others and not just his wants.

  3. The man you are dating is respectful to your parents. He may even tell your parents his views on dating and courtship. A big part of what makes you who you are is the upbringing you received from your parents. Men who have good intentions will treat your parents well and may even involve your parents in your dating relationship, for example going to mass together or eating at a restaurant.

My husband takes his Catholic faith seriously is respectful to the elderly and my parents. I admire him for that. When I was dating him, it made me secure he had the three green flags listed above.

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