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Have You Thought of Praying for Your Future Husband?

Maybe, you have been praying to God for a long time for a husband. If you are dating, it’s a good idea to pray to God about your relationship. The Holy Spirit will help you discern if the man you are dating is right for you.

If you are not dating and haven’t met any eligible bachelors, I think it’s a good idea to pray for your future husband. Have you ever thought about praying for the man who will be your husband? He might be praying to find someone like you. He may be praying for a long, long time, just like you have been praying for a long, long time. Your future husband may be hoping and praying for a faithful Catholic woman who will become his wife. It’s a possibility that he’s not at a place in his life to be in a relationship. Maybe, he’s not in the right job or is still going to school, or he’s discerning his vocation. Maybe, he lives far away and maybe later on in the future you will meet him after circumstances come about that he moves closer to you. Think about it -- if you prayed for him, do you feel that would help him in his situation? I think so. I think you interceding for him with your prayers will aid him whether it be so that he move to a less stressful job that’s more aligned to his purpose. Or, if he’s going to college or pursuing an advanced degree, through your intercessory prayers, you’ll help him persevere in his studies, research or other projects. I think your prayers will be used by God to help inspire him to stay motivated to do whatever he needs to do at this time in his life.

What do you think about that – praying for your future husband? Besides praying for a husband, have you been praying in specific ways for God to assist the man who will be your husband? I believe your prayers will help the man who will become your future husband do the will of God.

I have heard of some women writing letters to their future husband in a journal. If you like journaling and writing, this might be something that you can do. I think prayer is powerful and God will hear your prayers.

Some people have made these written letters as a gift to their future spouses. If you decide to do this, it’s a very great way to show your future husband how much you thought of him during your single years. Wow, you thought so much of his well-being before you even met him.

Trust in God – even if your journey to becoming married is taking so long. My husband and I prayed for a long time to find a future spouse. The journey was so worth it for both of us. We believe in each others’s dreams. We desire to do God’s will. We pray together. We go to church regularly. We share our Catholic faith.

What I do know is if it had been so easy and not so long for me to find the man who would become my husband, I do not think that I would really have the strong commitment to encourage other Catholic single women to be hopeful and joyful in their time of waiting to find a husband. God had a purpose for me in my long wait to finding a husband. It is for me to assist you in your journey in finding a husband. That is such an honor for me.

You may never know exactly why you had to wait so long to find the man who will become your husband. Do believe that God sees the bigger picture? He is working things out for your salvation. And not only for your salvation, but those of others.

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