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With Consistency and Support I Might Just Become a Green Thumb

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

My Tower Garden has been in my backyard for almost two weeks now. The plants have been growing well on their own for two weeks! This is a big thing for me as I do not have a green thumb. I have a brown thumb. What I have noticed about people who have a green thumb is that they are consistent and dedicated to their plants and to gardening. I know, for me, consistency and dedication in taking care of plants are what I have been lacking in the past. I was not consistent in watering and checking to see if they were alright. I also didn’t know how to check if the soil was alright and what to do if the leaves were brown or yellow. Well, now, the Tower Garden helps solve my problem of consistency and dedication in watering. I did do some work with The Tower Garden:

  1. I assembled the Tower Garden.

  2. I sowed the seeds in a tray.

  3. Then, I watered the seeds that turned into sprouts for two weeks.

Then, I transferred the sprouts from the tray to the Tower Garden.

  1. I filled my Home Tower Garden with 13 gallons of water.

  2. I added minerals that were provided in the Tower Garden box

  3. Then, I checked that the ph of the mineral and water solution was between 5.5 and 6.5.

But, after getting the sprouts ready and the Tower Garden water tank ready with the timer, the Tower Garden basically does the job of watering plants. I just plugged the water pump to the timer and The Tower Garden waters the plants automatically. The Tower Garden is fantastic for me because of that feature — the Tower Garden basically waters itself automatically! That’s amazing! What I’ve found out for me is that figuring out how to make things automatic helps me be consistent. For example,

  1. connecting a timer to the Tower Garden that waters plants on a regular schedule

  2. setting up direct deposit to receive pay

  3. washing clothes on the same day every week

  4. setting up an autoresponder to email people automatically

  5. setting up a sprinkler system for watering the lawn

  6. loading up money for bus rides onto a plastic card and tapping the card on a designated spot on a bus to deduct the correct fare

  7. setting automatic payments for recurrent payments, such as the mortgage, cell phone, or utility bills

Another strategy that has helped me be consistent and dedicated is having someone to be available to talk to and ask for guidance when I take up new endeavors. My Tower Garden sponsor says I can ask her questions any time. She said she had a brown thumb, too. She’s had her Tower Garden for several months now and is enjoying eating from it on a regular basis. Juice Plus+, the company that makes Tower Garden has ample video trainings on the Tower Garden. Juice Plus+ has ample resources to help me be successful with my Tower Garden. I have a sponsor and the support of a Facebook group of enthusiastic and knowledgeable Tower Garden growers. I believe I’ll be successful with my Tower Garden since the Tower Garden automatically waters itself and I have great support with Juice Plus+. I think I can have a green thumb with Tower Garden. When you try something new and you’re not sure you can be consistent, try to find a way to automate some tasks and find support to guide you.

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