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Repetition Is Important We Learn to Practice Our Faith with the Story of The Walking on the Water

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

This is the third time this week that I heard the gospel of The Walking on the Water from Matthew. When things are repeated, they become more ingrained in our minds. Each time we hear a passage, we can gain a deeper understanding of a passage, or we may gain more insight.

Repetition is important in learning. As children, we basically learn a language by hearing words repeated to us and we repeat them back. We learned to walk by repetition of getting up and putting one foot in front of the other and getting back up even as we fall down.

The lessons we learned from learning to walk are what we should take with us when we pursue a new endeavor. It is by getting up again that we learned to walk. When we were a baby, we focused on each step, not by looking down but by looking where we wanted to go.

I know that story of The Walking on the Water.

You know that story of The Walking on the Water.

But, do I live it every day?

Do you live it every day?

Do we focus on where we want to go?

Or do we choose to be distracted by something else and lose our focus?

When I lose my focus, figuratively I have to get back up and start again on the task I wanted to accomplish and it takes me longer to accomplish something when I get distracted.

We know what stories, lessons, or concepts in the bible are important because they are repeated.

With the story of The Walking on the Water, what I got is to focus on Jesus, to not waiver in my faith, to put an unshakeable faith in Jesus even though there are storms around me.

God wants me to “take courage” and “do not be afraid.” (Matthew 14:27)

God wants me to “come” (Matthew 14:29)

God wants me to have great faith and cast out my doubt.

I will take courage and I will go towards Jesus.

I will keep practicing my faith and keep casting my doubt.

Repetition is important.

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