Get Some R & R - Rest and Relax to Re-Create Yourself

Updated: Jul 27

No matter how long you have been single, you can start have a joyful journey to marriage starting now.

Today, start doing more of what you love doing. Sometimes, we get caught up in our work or some other obligations that we don’t set aside time for ourselves. When we set aside time for ourselves, we re–create ourselves.

When I first realized that the word recreation was made up of re and the word creation, I had an aha moment! Get it? "re create."

Recreation is the time when we re–create ourselves. When we don’t have time for ourselves we can burn ourselves out, we get stressed out, we feel fatigued that we don’t want to do anything. We may be in a daze or just want to rest and stay in bed.

Even God, Himself, took time to rest. From the Bible in Exodus 20:11, it states, “In six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea and all that is in them: but on the seventh day he rested. That is why the Lord has blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy.”

What do you like to do for R & R: rest and relaxation?

· Do you like to read?

· Do you like to make scrapbooks?

· Do you like cooking or baking?

· Do you like hiking or biking or some other outdoor activity?

· Do you like knitting or crocheting?

· Do like watching movies?

· Do you like going out with friends and trying different restaurants?

· Do you like travelling?

Whatever you like to do, whatever you love to do, do more of it. Make time for what you love to do. Actually schedule it on your calendar. You’ll be happier for it. You’re taking time to re-create yourself. You’ll feel more rested. So, when you go back to work, you’ll feel rejuvenated. And when you go on dates, you'll show more of the joyful you, rather than a stressed and fatigued person from too much work.

What will you do to re-create yourself and have more joy in your life?

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