A Special Summer Rosary Novena Starting on the Feast of the Assumption

Updated: Mar 21

I know what a novena is. I knew that a prayer said over nine days for a particular intention is a novena. I’ve prayed novenas before and I realized that there can be a novena to pray the rosary for nine days, a novena to St. Joseph, a novena to the Holy Spirit, etc.

One summer several years ago at a Theology on Tap event, one of my friends invited me to join her and some other single ladies in a novena to pray for a husband. She said that when a group of people prays for the same intention that it’s more powerful. We were to start a rosary novena on August 15, the feast of the Assumption.

Since I was still single, I was enthusiastic to join this novena. Then, she mentioned that it was a fifty-four-day novena.

I didn’t know about a 54-day novena.

My friend explained more about it. She said that it was 27 days petitioning for your intention and 27 days praying in thanksgiving for your prayer being answered. I had not heard of that before – about praying in thanksgiving for your petition being answered. I liked that idea. The idea of praying in thanksgiving gave me hope as I was praying. I gave myself permission to imagine what it would feel like to have my prayer answered.

I didn’t meet the man who was to be my husband in those 54 days, but I do attribute that prayer towards helping me find my husband. Within about 3 years, 3 of us who prayed the 54-day novena were married!

Have you heard about a fifty-four-day novena? I would recommend you try it. I’ve actually read on the internet of a couple of other women who have prayed a 54-day novena and it worked for them in finding a husband.

Basically, what my friends and I did was pray the rosary for 54 days. The first 27 days were for petitioning to find a husband. So, we did 3 sets of novenas. (Three is for the trinity.) For the next 27 days, we prayed in thanksgiving that our prayer intention of finding a husband was answered.

Our 54-day novena started on the Feast of the Assumption, August 15. If you choose to start a 54-day novena, you and your friends can start a novena on that day or any other day. I do like the idea of either starting or ending on a Marian feast day.

Will you consider a 54-day novena asking to find a husband? Will you ask your friends to join you? Remember, a group of people praying with the same intent is more powerful than individual prayers.

It worked for me. It might work for you, too.

I will be doing a 54 Day Rosary Novena!

I will be starting a 54 Day Rosary Novena starting on Sunday, May 1.

You can text me your prayer intentions at (661) 524-6515.

If you would like me to send you a link to the rosary of the day, you can text me your email address at (661) 524-6515. I will be getting the links from Maritza Mendez's 54 Days of Roses YouTube channel at 54 Days of Roses - YouTube.

May 1 is the Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker. A long time ago a lady calmly told me to pray to Saint Joseph for a husband when I was very anxious. And now, I am married to a "Joe." That's my husband's nickname. Saint Joseph sure did help me!

Would you consider doing a 54 Day Rosary Novena?

My main intention is to pray for Catholic single women who desire the vocation of marriage. My other intention is for the Catholic single women who will be joining my Sow the Seeds of True Love Course, which is now open for enrollment and is on SPECIAL to celebrate my announcement as an expert partner with Matchmakers in the City (see www.MatchmakersintheCity.com)

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