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Are You Surrounded by People and Yet Still Feel Lonely?

Have you ever had that feeling that your significant other just doesn’t understand you? They’re right beside you, and yet it doesn’t seem to fill that gap.

You could be surrounded by people all the time, and yet you still feel lonely. Some people can feel this way. We are all unique and react differently to certain situations. One can feel in their element in a party and socialize and be very happy. Another person can be hesitant to approach people at parties.

There are no two people on the entire planet that have the same personality. No one else has the same ideas, way of life and needs like you, not even identical twins! Can anyone fulfill all the needs and cater to every individual? Simply put, it can’t be done.

When you understand that other people are not obliged to fulfill our needs, you’ll learn to expect less from others, and it can ease the pain of loneliness. You’ll learn to accept people more the way they are and judge them less so it creates the first step to curing loneliness. We have to learn to cut others some slack!

Always remember that we are the sum of the people we spend most of our time with. If you are mixing with a crowd that is negative and brings you down all the time, then don’t be surprised when you become lonely and negative. Other people who are negative all the time can poison and drain our energy. So, make sure to spend time with positive people who can uplift you. You can uplift them too.

When there are so many people on this planet, how is it the pain of loneliness still seems to invade our lives? There are even many superstars who have been admired by millions that still feel unfulfilled. There are many reasons lonely people may feel unfulfilled. They may feel that they can’t trust others, that others don’t love them, love is not reciprocated, that they are not spending their time in what they believe is their purpose in life, or they don’t have a solid foundation for what their values are.

One time, my husband and I got an invitation to a party and even though my husband and I had other things we could do, we decided to go to the party. My husband said that there’s a saying that says, “if you want to have friends, be a friend.” We realized that if we decline going to parties and we do this regularly, we might not be invited again. We also realize how important friends are who share our values.

When people are lonely, many times they continually focus on themselves. This can create a huge obstacle in loving others. One thing someone can do when they are lonely is volunteer for an organization serving people. When someone volunteers to serve others, it takes the focus off of themselves and they see that others are in need. It can give fulfillment when you’re serving others. When volunteering, we can see that there are good people out there that can help each other. We see that other people can be in more difficult and challenging situations than we are in. Our heart is more open when we volunteer. We can possibly find more people who share our values when we volunteer. We can feel a sense of purpose in our lives when volunteering.

If you are lonely, make sure you are in alignment with your values. Take time to figure out your values. Look for groups and clubs that share your values. If you have a significant other, make sure you share some meaningful times with each other that deal with your values. Some people have found their significant other when volunteering. When you have a sense of purpose and meaning in life, you are less likely to be lonely.

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